Major manmade structures from ancient civilizations exist just about everywhere else on the planet, so why not on the greater part of the North American continent? A relatively new theory about the extinction of the Clovis peoples is perhaps the most viable reason for this phenomenon. They were wiped out by a comet and so mankind, (when it eventually re-migrated there), had to start from scratch, unlike Europe, North Africa, South America and most of the Far East where Stone evolved into Bronze and Iron Ages in situ.

However there are some existance of ancient culture and structure made by them. An example of it can be found in so-called Cliff Palace in Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado. The largest cliff dwelling of its kind in North America. The people who once lived there had lives that revolved around the sun in more ways than one. The passive solar (and other weather) protection provided by the monstrous overhanging cliff above the settlement is just one example. They also build structures in key positions to be solar indicators at particular times of the year, including solstices, for pragmatic and religious purposes.

Additionally temples and palaces rise out of the jungle, the silent witnesses to lost civilizations. The ancient architecture of Mexico and Central America is one of the many compelling reasons to visit.

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