Architecture of South America
is great and diverse, can be of native and modern, colonial and up-to-date origins. Any big or small city stores some architectural treasuries. Most prominent cities are believed to be great examples of architecture in South America as Cuzco and Machu Picchu, Sao Paulo, Brazilia and Rio de Janeiro.There were great and many pre-Columbian civilizations In today's Colombia was Muisca civilization (mainly farmers and goldsmiths). Modern Peru is known for Norte Chico, its key feature is pyramids thought to be a bright example of ancient architecture in South America similar to those of Egypt. There was also Valdivia in Ecuador, Moche in Peru and lots of others. But the most legendary is Inca civilization famous for exact stone buildings and terrace agriculture.

It is a worthy experience because here you will see the evidence of ancient people great development and brilliant ideas.
Travel South America and reach these art rich cities!




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